Body treatment & massages for men

Intensive body peeling CLARINS massages

Bamboo pelling
45 min. PLN 150
An exceptionally effective, gentle body peeling treatment that effectively cleanses the skin.
It remains soft and clean.
Toning body smoothing with Camargue
45 min. PLN 200
Refreshing the mind and body smoothing the body with a sugar and salt scrub from Camargue from the south of France, immersed in toning the body
essential oils of rosemary, mint and rosewood.

CLARINS massages:

Deeply relaxing massage in the dark NEW!
90 min. PLN 350
A soothing full body massage made in accordance with the Clarins’ philosophy. For relaxation – a glass of red wine and an aromatherapy session with a fragrance oil of your choice.
Back massage
30 minutes. 100 PLN
Classic massage
45/60/90 min. 150/200/250 PLN
It relaxes and improves the appearance of the skin, slims the figure.
It is the most popular massage which, depending on its form – intensity, can be treated as healing, relaxing or stimulating.
It has an analgesic effect, improves tissue nutrition, improves the appearance of the skin, which is better oxygenated and supplied with blood, regenerates muscles, increases flexibility and elasticity of joints and ligamentous apparatus, accelerates metabolism, activates blood and lymph flow.
Honey relaxation
50 min. PLN 200
a relaxing massage with hot stones in the Relax oil. The combination of warmth with deep gestures brings a feeling of relaxation to the body and mind
Relaxing massage
60/80 min. 200/350 PLN
The calm rhythm of gestures releases deep tensions that reside in the body’s memory.
Unique technique and touch stimulate the nerve endings in the heart of each muscle and bring relief.
Relaxing Chamomile and Geranium essential oils leave a sense of inner balance.
Vitalizing Massage
60/80 min. 300/350 PLN
Stimulating gestures refresh the mind and remove tensions from deep within the body to start all over again in harmony.
The dynamising essential oils of Mint and Chamomile will stimulate your senses and give you vitality.
Silky Relax
1 h 45 min. PLN 350
Bamboo body scrub and Clarins revitalizing or relaxing massage.
Massage shines
60 min. PLN 250
A magic ritual with the use of wax. It intrigues, surprises and overwhelms with its unique fragrance and warmth
and a silky touch. An exceptionally sensual ceremony performed with warm wax leaves the skin wonderfully moisturized, silky smooth, soft and wrapped in a sensual fragrance.
Hot stones massage
60/90 min. 200/250 PLN
It combines the advantages of massage with the special properties of volcanic basalt stones.
It restores the harmony of body and mind, causes a surge of positive energy.
It is a highly relaxing treatment, helps to achieve a feeling of peace and relaxation, reduces stress, fatigue, reduces muscle tension, has a positive effect on the circulatory system, accelerates metabolism, and contributes to the improvement of the psychophysical fitness of the body.
Hot chocolate massage with shower and lotion
80 min. PLN 250

Black Gold – an exclusive ritual created with the Bydgoszcz Soap Factory. Only here!
3 hours 450 PLN / 400 PLN Hotel guests
– Stay in the Relaxation Zone – swimming pool, dry and steam saunas, massage armchairs
– Peeling made of cane sugar, freshly roasted and ground aromatic Arabica coffee, unrefined coconut and sweet almond oils – will massage, stimulate, give the body a pleasant color and moisturize.
– Massage of the whole body with oil with gold particles. It is an exclusive cosmetic with a delicate scent of ambergris, in which you can find 4 nourishing oils – jojoba, macadamia, argan and almond.
– Relaxation and a sweet treat from the Weranda Restaurant
Sweet relaxation
300 PLN 2.5 hours (PLN 250 1.5 hours for Hotel Guests)
– Stay in the Wellness Zone
(we offer: golden swimming pool, aromatic steam sauna, climatic dry sauna)
– Relaxing and relaxing massage of the whole body with stones in honey, made in accordance with the Clarins philosophy
– Relaxation and a sweet treat
Rapid regeneration
250 PLN 2.5 hours (PLN 200 1.5 hours for Hotel Guests)
Stay in the Wellness Zone (we offer a golden swimming pool, an aromatic steam sauna,
climatic dry sauna)
– Classic massage or full body hot stone massage – 60 minutes
– Relaxation and a sweet treat
The perfect man
3 hours PLN 350
– Face cavitation peeling (skin cleansing treatment with the use of ultrasounds),
finished with an algae mask
– Energizing, stimulating shaping massage – 30 minutes
– Manicure and pedicure
– Relaxation and a sweet treat
Connoisseur’s relaxation – Whiskey and Tobacco ritual
3 hours PLN 350 (PLN 300 2 hours for Hotel Guests)
– Stay in the Wellness Zone (we offer: golden swimming pool, aromatic steam sauna, climatic dry sauna)
– Sugar peeling with an intriguing scent of whiskey and tobacco leaves intensively moisturizes, regenerates and softens the skin
– Body massage with Shea Whiskey & Tobacco butter relaxes and allows you to forget about fatigue. Thanks to the intensive nourishing effect, the body becomes firm and has a beautiful, sensual fragrance

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