Rituals for pregnant woman


The waiting time for a child is a unique event, it is worth it
during this period, take care of your health and well-being in a special way. We recommend the treatments between 3 and 6 months of pregnancy.

CLARINS proprietary treatments:

Blissful Beginnings
2 hours. PLN 500
A combination of a relaxing and highly moisturizing whole body massage with Clarins products and comprehensive face care

Beautiful mom
3 hours 550 PLN
Comprehensive face and body care.
A combination of a delicate bamboo peeling and a full body massage with Shea butter with nourishing face care.
A treatment improving the condition of the skin of the face and body, preparing them for changes that occur during pregnancy.
It prevents the formation of stretch marks, helps to keep the skin firm and elastic.
Massage for pregnant women
45 minutes PLN 200
Beneficial effects of massage adjusted to the special period in a woman’s life. The massage prophylactically shapes the figure of a woman during pregnancy, relaxes, removes leg swelling and strengthens the skin, helping to prevent stretch marks and cellulite.
A special arrangement allows you to massage during pregnancy.
Regular massage helps you get in good shape quickly after childbirth,
naturally shapes the body, strengthens the acceptance of your body.
Specially selected cosmetics care for the skin of the future mother and her child.

For the future mother – a day at the SPA
4h PLN 450 / PLN 400 for hotel guests
It allows you to enjoy this wonderful state.
Stay in the Wellness Zone: we offer the golden swimming pool
and bathrobes, towels and slippers.
Stay in the Massage Room:
– Back massage – 30 minutes – relief for the spine
– Comfort Body SPA peat cooling compresses – eliminate the feeling of heavy legs
– Manicure and pedicure with nail painting
Relaxation and a sweet treat.


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